The durability of your floor tiles depends not only on the installation, the right fit between the choice of the tile and the place where it is laid but also on the way it is maintained and used.

Tips for the first cleaning of tiles

A first careful cleaning which will eliminate the joint excess is essential to highlight the aesthetic characteristics of your tiles and to guarantee the ease of cleaning and the resistance of the coating on the long run. If there is a surface layer of cement-joint, the soil will tend to get dirty faster. The first cleaning should be carried out immediately after installation with a suitable detergent.

cleaning your tiles easily

In all cases, always follow the instructions of the joint manufacturer to be able to remove the surplus quickly.

Tips for the daily maintenance of tiles

In the current state, the user plays an important role. One must take certain precautions to extend the life of his tiles and flooring inside the house. The tiled surface is formed by the tiles and the joints.

Both need to be maintained.

Here are some tips to clean and preserve your tiles:

  • example of a steam cleanerAlways start by sweeping or vacuuming before washing your floor!
  • Never use detergents containing hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives as they quickly deteriorate the surface of siliceous products, such as ceramic tiles.
  • Avoid the use of very abrasive products such as iron wool, especially for tiles with a shiny surface that brings out more scratches and opacifications.
  • Avoid in any case any use of acids, alkalis, polishes, iron straws and sponges.
  • Keep the floor as clean as possible. Some types of dirt (dust, sand) increase the abrasive effect of trampling: place a doormat at the entrance to avoid carrying dirt inside.
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects and protect, for example with a carpet, the areas where the fall of objects is easier or more frequent (e.g., in the kitchen, in front of the sink or the hob)
  • Consider using softer cleaning methods like for example with the utilization of a steam cleaner or a steam mop. Steam cleans very well and removes bacterias up to 99% with its high temperatures. A good option if you have pets and kids in your home! Karcher steam cleaners are among the best on the market these days.
  • Waxes, oily soaps, impregnating agents and various treatments are not recommended, except in the case of polished tiles which can be treated after installation and before joining with Impregnating agents.

In the case of polished materials, polishing can open pores on the surface and promote retention of dirt on the tile. Therefore, a porcelain stoneware waterproofing agent must be passed uniformly and continuously after cleaning and drying the floor, which protects the surface of the work and facilitates routine maintenance.

For structured materials, dirt may be left in the interstices of the material. In this case, it is possible to use a protective product which protects the soil against wear and greasy soil.

Tips for cleaning according to surface area and room types

Depending on the surface to be cleaned, you can use a machine or not (single-row, rotor wash, scrubber cleaner). It is advisable to use so-called “professional” products whose composition and pH will be adapted to the different types of soiling.