Skip bins are large containers used majorly to collect, carry and dispose of large quantities of waste. The waste may originate from contraction debris, industrial waste among others.

In Australia, skip bins have played a great role in garbage collection within the Australia cities. Skip bins have been used in Australia to manage waste without involving persons directly. With improved technology skip bins are used to load more garbage at one single time and then disposed of.

Types of bins

waste disposal containersSkip bins come in various forms. However, the most common ones include the open skips which are commonly used to load construction materials and debris.

Closed skips, on the other hand, are very secure only allowing authorized people to open them. They always carry the recommended capacity. RORO skip is same as the open skip however the only difference is that while open skips are lifted to the lorry by chains, RORO skip is always rolled onto the wagon/lorry by use of hooks.

Industrial use of skip bins

They are generally used in industrial areas in carrying a large amount of industrial waste to designated areas. It is because they carry a large amount of garbage at one particular time. Moreover, closed skips can be used by companies in carrying health hazards chemicals within the industries since they do not involve one coming in contact with the content of the skip bin.

The containers are essential in carrying scrap metal and landfills within the construction area. The bins have also been used by city sanitation workers in Australia since they offer a larger carrying capacity.

Skip services

In Australia skip bins are always offered by different companies. A special instruction on how to use them is always attached to the container.

It is worth noting that skip bins can be modified to carry various kinds of stuff according to the needs of the clients and this makes skip bins a distinct option for many customers. For quality skip bin services in Perth WA, visit