Most of the times when we require locksmith services are either in the case of emergencies or when you are moving to a new home. Apart from emergency situations and relocation, other people hire locksmiths for remote guidance, key’s duplication, security upgrade, and maintenance.

Professional locksmith service is done with the aim of improving your home safety. Most people require locksmith services when they are locked out of their homes, but it’s good to have cell numbers to access services of reputable locksmith company. Below are some of the factors you should consider before hiring a locksmith:


breaking into a residenceIt is one of the essential things you should consider before hiring a locksmith. How reliable is your chosen locksmith? Some handymen sometimes double as a locksmith and can provide you with services at cheaper rates. If you have a good work relationship and a couple of years working with a handyman, then it should be okay for you to hire him.

If you move to a new neighborhood where you have no information of existing locksmith, it is advisable to exercise caution. In such situation, you should hire a locksmith from a reputable company in the surrounding area. You can gather information about company’s reputation online or consult residents of that locality.


How available is your locksmith? Most locksmith services are emergency and require a locksmith’s who are available 24*7. Such locksmith will be easy to access even at night or during any other odd time. When you get locked away, most of the time you don’t care much about time, all you require is a locksmith who can serve your immediate need. Most reputable locksmith companies in Australia have a professional locksmith at the company at any time to make sure their customers are attended on time.


When it comes to emergencies, most people don’t give too much importance to price. It’s advisable for you to consider the price factor. Different locksmiths have varying prices.

get a new set of keys done

The varying prices are influenced by factors such as level of skills required to handle different locks. For instance, a regular locksmith who frequently attends your cabinet and door locks will most likely charge you lesser as compared to an expert who deals with vehicles and other automotive.

Hire a locksmith who charges affordable market prices and provides you with quality service. Some locksmiths overcharge to take advantage of emergency. A reputable company will always charge you normal prices irrespective of time that you experience the emergency.

Offer you an up-front estimate

Make sure you get a price quote for services you require. When you make a phone communication with a locksmith, they should give you price estimate. An experienced locksmith can tell you price approximately when you make a call to them. Make sure you get a quote on the phone and confirm the quotation when they arrive to provide the service.

Insurance and bond

Sometimes when working, damages might occur. Professional locksmiths have insurance and bonding to cover such risks. The accreditation is issued after third-party bonding companies run checks. Professional locksmiths in Australia have also joined association for security. Always choose a company that is a member of those associations.

a proper security door will greatly help

After your locksmith tackles your lock woes, keep duplicate copies safe at all times. In case you lose a duplicate or an original key, visit your locksmith to make for you additional keys to avoid added costs. Those are some of the factors that you should consider before you hire a locksmith. If you are in Perth WA, this Locksmith company can service the following suburbs.