Electricity powers our homes, offices, commercial establishments, and industries. Also, power runs a good number of devices, facilities, and equipment in our premises ranging from the oven to the bathroom shower.

Predictably, these facilities and buildings will require occasional maintenance, fixing, installation or repairs. Such electrical services need a professional, licensed and qualified electrician.

Do you think you can handle the electrical sparks and make a living out of the trade?

What are the roles of a commercial electrician in Australia?

What does it take to be a licensed and registered electrician in Australia?

Roles of a commercial electrician
• Install and maintain lighting and wiring systems
• Inspection of electrical components e.g. the circuit breakers
• Identification of electrical problems
• Repair/replacement of fixtures, wiring, and electrical equipment
• Ensure adherence to the local state and building regulations based on National Electric Code

Guide to getting registered and licensed

It is mandatory for commercial electricians to be licensed. However, different states have different requirements. Additionally, there are various licenses based on the category of electrical work.

The license may be issued to electrical workers, trainees, contractors, or supervisors of any electrical work. With registration and a proper license, individuals can work and carry out any electrical services.

Benefits of an electrical license

Electrical installation and wiring require a particular skill set and safety must be considered. Earning a license makes it legal for one to offer services related to the trade. Also, one gains the trust and confidence of the clients as they are assured you can handle the duties correctly and safely.
Lastly, you will pay hefty fines and penalties for working without a license.

Education qualifications

A minimum of Certificate III –Electro-technology electrician or an equivalent degree

However, one can still get the license if they prove they have the knowledge and skill to do the work. Instead of sitting through a class, you can take an examination that will assess your skills.

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