Many times in life we want to renew the look of our home, but we make the mistake of thinking that it will involve important changes and reforms, in addition to a financial effort.

But it is much simpler than that; you can change all the decoration of your home with a few simple details very easily and without great expense.

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Here for you are some tips for transforming your home with charm, like for example how to make living areas brighter and even give a more personal touch to some elements of the House.


Changing the upholstery of some chairs will be a new look with which you can play to create contrasts with other elements or on the other hand, combine it with the same colors.

Murals or wallpapers:

great upholstery improves your home spaceAdded to a bedroom or even a terrace wall on the occasion that you choose, can completely change the look of the bedroom. You can pay someone to do it, but if you want to do it yourself, there are templates that allow you to easily and quickly decorate the walls.

Pads and cushions:

A simple change in pads, sheets, blankets, or cushions can change the look of the sofa completely, especially if you play with the contrast of colors and patterns even with the textures of the fabrics.

Room brightness:

In winter it is more common to use thick curtains but now that we in the summer a change of curtains from thick to curtains of light fabrics, fabrics such as linen, muslin, etc. can be a great benefit.

Table decoration:

Exterior terraces or gardens tables are also extremely important in the whole of the decoration. So tablecloths can be combined with different colors and patterns as green with floral ornaments and vases of glass, giving a very natural look.

By applying these simple tips, you can make a change in your home. They are available to anyone and can be made in one or two days with little to no financial investment. So get moving and breathe some new life into your home.

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