Cleaning a rug comes with many advantages. Among them is having one that is visually pleasing, durable and hygienic. Removal of stains and dirt is apparently an important task.

Rather than going for inferior and poor services it’s more advisable to go to professionals who give you a result that will satisfy you. These services cover all sizes and types of carpets. In addition to having it cleaned you also get free delivery, you do not lift a finger when you require cleaning services.

Methods used

It is vital to know the cleaning technique designed explicitly for your carpet. Some of these methods include hot water extraction, shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet and dry carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction

aifueofaoiwuueuaozazazqqqqqqCommonly known as steam carpet cleaning typically uses high pressured warm water to dissolve dirt in the fiber. It is quite fast with the standard rate for a 3000 square foot one is about two hours. Drying too is relatively quick especially if left to dry in the afternoon sun.


Standard in the 90s this procedure it has the disadvantage of leaving foam and being sticky since after washing it is dried directly without rinsing. Although for a small rug it might be an easy task since you can flush it off with water


In this method, a synthetic detergent is used. Its primary function is to encapsulate dirt after the cleanser dries and becomes powder. After which the dust is vacuumed or brushed to get rid of the earth. The method has received many accolades due to its friendliness to the environment. The catch is that for heavily soiled carpets it becomes difficult to clean.

Dry carpet cleaning

Apart from cutting time spent when drying, this technique has received lots of praise due to its effectiveness and exemplary performance. It uses a cleaning compound which applied at the bottom part with a motorized counter brush. The brush opens up the fibers and after the mixture settles inside a thorough clean effect is achieved.


It is most popular in busy and public areas which often need a quick fix. A motorized machine absorbed in a cleaning agent and used on the top part of the carpet, it then absorbs dirt from the surface. The downside with this method is that the bottom part of the rug cannot be cleaned and it also gets soiled after a short period.

Other services

Now you know what is involved in cleaning let us have a look at the extra services that go hand in hand with rug cleaning. A fully insured and guaranteed company should be the kind of place to seek services. Most of the enterprises acknowledged give you free delivery options at a fair price.

Choosing the most efficient way to clean your rug is paramount in ensuring that it gets out looking spectacular. Picking and dropping services at a fast rate is also among the other services you get to enjoy. Remember that it is essential to leave your rug at the hands of well-trained professionals to ensure that the cleaning process is done correctly.