With the good weather around the corner, comes to put together your patio or balcony. Plan the ideal distribution, choosing the right furniture and opt for vertical solutions are aspects that will help you get it.

Good weather helps you reclaim your outdoor areas. Now, it is time to put in the form our outdoor spaces to make the most of them.
Adjust your needs and uses the available meters is the first step. Remove furniture to the outside and not put limits to this little oasis that gives you your terrace or balcony.

Make good use of space

If you have sufficient space, it is always good to create distinct areas: to sunbathe, eat, rest or read a book. Trying to always give priority to one of them.

In small spaces, better used all the terrace or the balcony for single use. Don’t forget always to be the central clearance. Please note that to facilitate travels and win amplitude in the balconies or small terraces, the best solution is to mount the furniture to the walls.

outdoor spas are awesome

The right furniture

As a general rule, in small spaces, ‘less is more.’ It is why not fill your terrace or balcony furniture. Put the righteous, adapting your requirements to the available space.

Its size must be proportional to the available meters, so forget large parts, which occupy all space. Choose better models folding, stackable and lightweight, allowing you to save more easily or close them when you do not need them.

Bet on bulky furniture, so you will create a more flexible space, allowing you to move the rocking chair if you want sunlight at a given time or shade, in another.

Moreover, don’t forget the possibilities of dual-use furniture. A bank with space below or a trunk at the same time serves as seat and place of storage, for example, that you’ll find it very handy for storing gardening tools or pads and cushions.

You are looking for the warmth

Moreover, find it in color, textiles, accessories and lighting. Plays with the chromatic range acid and more fun, try mixing and risking by combining parts of different styles.

Cushions and pillows contribute to recreating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. They must be tough, washable and, if possible, treated to withstand better climate change. Although white and neutrals are a safe bet, the trend shows multicolored and daring.

Vases and Candles will help you put your personal touch. While the lighting, in addition to its practical purpose, is a perfect partner to create attractive environments. That Yes, provided that you not go with Watts. The wall sconces, which occupy less, and standing lamps, located on street corners, help to illuminate correctly.

plants are a great addition

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens decorate your outdoorsYou do not give up the garden, it is almost a prerequisite takes advantage of the walls, they can give much of themselves, even designing an urban garden. Cover with climbing plants. If they are also aromatic species, you will fill your outside of a pleasant perfume. Alternatively, hanging shelves for your plants, pots and hanging planters with handles that can be put into the guardrail.

To give it a more modern and dynamic flavor, mixing different types of plants, with different colors and shapes. You’ll love the result!